What does Onia® mean?

Onia® is the compound word formed from the spanish words »Ocho«, what is in spanish for the number eight within the meaning of endlessly and the word «Armonia», to translate with harmony.

Inspired by the theories of the English lady Vicky Wall, born in 1918, the Korean designer Sang Lim Kwon invented after three years of development work a LED light source of two light cubes that can controlled separated from each other.
There are 196 different color combinations, of which each expresses a very special atmosphere, what the viewer consciously and also subconsciously perceives.


The individual color selection may have an amazing effect for body, mind and soul on the spiritual level.

What is so special about this invention? The corresponding Onia® Plus App comes with many functions: Among other features, it computes the light setting which suits you best according to your biorythm. Get to know this exceptional source of light that brings joy, fun and relaxation in our lives. Is there anything more important in life than these things? An invention that moves us and conjures a smile in our face everyday. This is precisely why we chose Onia® and we are looking forward to every happy and satisfied new fan of Onia®.

Onia® can be controlled with a Smartphone by the specially developed app (iOS/Android).

Internationale Erfindermesse INPEX Pittsburgh 2015FIRI Preis für die beste ErfindungGoldpreis 2015 Erfindermesse Genf und Sonderpreis vom thailändischen ErfindervereinSilbermedaille Erfindermesse iENA 2015 Nürnberg

International Invention Exhibiton INPEX Pittsburgh 2015
FIRI Diploma/Award for the Best Invention
Gold Medal Geneva International Invention Exhibition and special prize from Thailand Invention Association
Silver Medal Invention Exhibition iENA Nuremberg 2015

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