14 colors that make you happy.

Our nature is coloured, colours affect us subconsciously.
They describe moods and emotions in all its bandwidth.

Especially children react very sensitively to colours and are thus positively stimulated.

Either for supplying with "red energy" or overtired or heated children from playing to reassure with blue/green colour-vibration and to enable so e.g. a peaceful and restful sleep.

196 different colour combinations can be generated with these 14 colours.

Each individual colour has its own attribute what is perceived consciously as well as subconsciously.

Blue bringing peace
As blue is connected with confidence, protection and communication, it develops children‘s power of expression.
Orange giving warmth.
As orange is connected to emotion and joy, it gives children affirmation.
Green providing rest.
As green is connected to space, harmonization and respect, it develops thoughtfulness of children.
Red bringing energy.
As red is connected to activity, power and energy, it develops adventurous spirit of children.
Royal blue giving clearness.
As royal blue is connected to meditation, depth and judgement, it develops intuitive ability of children.
Yellow bringing hapiness.
As yellow is connected to self-confidence and learning, it develops intellectual power of children
Violet maintaining balance.
As violet is connected to modesty, grace and healing, it develops service spirit of children.
Pink giving love.
As pink is connected to warmth, care and acceptance, it develops love of children.
Clear providing light.
As clear is connected to understanding, reflection and all colors, it gives understanding to children.
Turquoise developing creativity.
As turquoise is connected to personality, expression ability and emotion, it develops creativity of children.
Coral giving care.
As coral is connected to family, responsibility and wisdom of love, it develops cooperative spirit of children.
Olive giving hope.
As olive is connected to flexibility, victory and belief, it develops faith of children.
Magenta giving gratitude.
As magenta is connected to small happiness and love for small things, it develops thankful heart of children.
Gold giving judgement.
As gold is connected to pride, appreciation and self-value, it develops wisdom of children.
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